Rainger FX Drone Rainger

Featuring one full second of delay time, the Rainger FX Drone Rainger Digital Delay gives you a boatload of options from one of the craziest minds in the game: the UK’s David Rainger.

Two individual drone voices can be spliced into the signal at intervals you select, with plenty of routing and tuning options available at your fingertips. Further options such as pitch raising and sagging scramble your signal, making the repeats fight for air amongst the sonics.

You can even play the effect as an instrument unto itself, with nothing plugged in, letting the drones do all the work. Check out the videos below! – Nicholas Kula

Rainger FX Drone Rainger, Builder’s Notes

This is the most atmospheric, cinematic pedal that we do…

It’s a dub-flavoured digital delay (based on our Echo-X delay pedal), that also produces low, throbbing drones that can also be mixed through the delay circuit. If you play shoegaze, doom/heavy/psychedelic rock, or ambient music it’s a fantastic tool for making a powerful base note to play over. Maybe you play in a two piece band? Then it’s essential! You’re a solo electric guitarist making sonic textures?…. You improvise over an atmospheric backing? The Drone Rainger is for you!

The guitar signal and the drone signal are independently mixed through the same delay circuit (about 1 second maximum repeat time), with a totally dry guitar switching option. There are actually two analogue tone generators inside the Drone Rainger making up the sound – one with a 12-way selector switch, the other free-moving – so that when they’re tuned nearly the same, you get interesting ‘beats’ created between the two of them. Blend them to suit using the ‘mix’ knob.


The drones also have two instantaneous effects that can be switched in with a footswitch while you play guitar; one is a ‘tone-down’ pitch dropping effect – making the pitch sag in a truly ominous way! The other is a white noise burst – made by the delay chip – that echoes away into the distance…

It’s also possible to set the pedal to produce two separate notes – and to footswitch between the two while you play, which is extremely useful if the song you’re playing has a section with a different base note or a key change. And if you’re playing along to music that isn’t stictly tuned to pitch, you can adapt using the pedal’s ‘fine tune’ knob.

Like all our stompboxes, it’s housed in a custom-designed enclosure – this one a distinctive desk-style with seven sides. The window in the main front panel is a window into the Drone Rainger’s soul – an aerial view of an industrial part of a city, complete with streets and cars, car parks and streetlamps, toxic chemical silos! A dystopian vision to match the powerful hypnotic sounds…..

This is a truly unique pedal in many ways, that can be played as an instrument in itself.