Rainger FX Reverb X

One thing you can surely say about London’s Rainger FX is that it’s a company that specializes in thinking outside the (stomp)box.

Their Reverb X is extra proof of it: it subverts an effect routing commonplace, placing an overdrive and a gate AFTER a reverb, rather than before, and that drive only affects the reverb sound, not the clean signal. The results are very intriguing, in particular when used with the Igor expression controller.

We added the Rainger FX Reverb X to our guide to the best reverb pedals with distortion.

Here are some videos of it:

Our friend Eric Merrow shot this demo of it:

Here’s the video of it by Pedals and Effects:

Knobs also posted this video of it:

Here’s the in depth demo by Eric Merrow.

Owner and designer David Rainger came in person to our Stompbox Booth at NAMM 2018 to demo it, check out the video below.

Rainger FX Reverb X, Builder’s Notes

A modern take on ’80s gated reverb, the UK-built Reverb-X is both flexible and expressive without taking up that precious space on a pedalboard. The Reverb-X Features:

  • Crystalline or dark sounding reverb, with versatility to go between “live bootleg” reverb, mellotron textures, fully burnt-out spacerock atmospherics, and smouldering ambiences
  • Dramatic “edited guitar sample” effects
  • A “Distn” control dials in desired amounts of distorted reverb
  • Rainger FX’s unique styling and mini-pedal enclosure with top mounted sockets!
  • ‘Input’ knob and ‘Overload’ LED for optimum performance
  • Igor dual sensitivity pressure pad (included) controlling the Rainger FX ‘send’ expression facility on-the-fly
  • Graphics by NYC based designer Rich DiMaio