Rainger FX Mini Drone

A pedal evolving from the company’s Drone Rainger Delay, the Rainger FX Mini Drone drops the delay circuit and focuses on the drone side of things.

As expected, the Mini Drone generates a continuous drone sound, with a focus on the low end. It uses three bassy triangle waves, two of which are slightly out of tune with each other (and can be tuned via the Pitch 1 knob), while the note of the third one (activated via a switch on the bottom of the case and controlled by the Pitch 2 knob) can be adjusted to create different harmonies.

The pedal also comes with an external control pedal (the infamous Igor) that will temporarily lower the pitch of the drone when pressed: 1 tone or a semi-tone lower depending on the position of the 1/2 Tone switch at the bottom of the pedal.

The Mini Drone also features separate controls for the drone it generates and your guitar signal, so that you can put it in the chain with all your other pedals, if you wish, and blend it with your guitar tone.