Founded by two German rock guitarists (Matt, the stoner, and Pete, the punk rocker), Demon Pedals specializes in gain designs with Eastern names and graphics. This being said, we’ll contradict ourselves immediately by saying that they just released their first pedal whose graphics don’t seem to have anything to do with Eastern culture – although 1. this we see in the video might just be a prototype and 2. its name sounds very much Japanese:  Kondo Shifuku.

Currently only available for pre-order, this is an overdrive voiced on the legendary, uber-expensive Dumble Overdrive Special amps – or, as they say in lingo, a “D-Style” drive – characterized by a rich and transparent tone

There’s no official press release for the Kondo Shifuku but you will notice that it features more knobs and switches than your average D-Style pedal, for added tweakability.

Check out the preview video by Alberto Barrero.