Stacking gain stages on top of each other is the name of the pedal game these days, and the folks at DIY Mod Kits are now giving those of you interested in exploring effect circuits the opportunity to build a useful “active tone stack” pedal – the Tone Attack – for just about $50!

As usual, the kit gives you an empty, pre-drilled enclosure and a bunch of bits and pieces (also called “components”!) that you’ll need to solder together until you get this:


The three controls are Volume, Bass and Treble, and they can either boost or tame unity level (which you’ll find at around 12 O’Clock).

Here’s the demo video!

Shape your sound with the Tone Attack. 12 o’clock settings give an approximate unity gain with the pedal. Rotate the treble or bass knob counterclockwise to cut the corresponding frequencies. Rotate these same knobs clockwise to boost the frequency bands. The master boost knob can be used to attenuate your signal or push your tone to screaming loud volumes.

MOD® pedals are DIY kits that use point-to-point wiring and come with easy-to-follow instructions. Pre-drilled enclosures and all parts are included. All you need to provide are hand tools, a soldering iron, and solder. The Tone Attack operates on a 9V battery or it can be powered using the industry standard 9V center negative power jack.