The Cat Box Customs Bean Machine Fuzz is a gorgeously colorful, hand-painted boutique take on the Harmonic Percolator circuit, coming right out or a basement in Columbus, Ohio. And it costs only $130 (here).

It features a 3-way diode clipping selection with D310 Ge/none/Schottky bat41 options. Two more toggles provide extra sonic options like “pseudo octave up/down” and more/less intensity.

Check out this truly rocking video of it, we added it to our articles about the best Harmonic Percolator-inspired fuzz pedals.

Cat Box Customs Bean Machine Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The Bean Machine is a fuzz of my own creation based off the hærmonic p?rcolator with a few twists. 3 way diode clipping selection with D310 Ge/none/schottky bat41 for your options. Other 2 toggles change component values to give you pseudo octave up/down and more/less intensity.

*No 9v battery clip, boss style 9v power supply only*

I make these in Cbus, OH in my basement. I drip them with alcohol inks and spray them with varnish by hand, they’re not perfect and will naturally wear with time. You shouldn’t ever have any issues with my build quality but I’ll fix it if there is something, catboxcustoms guaranteed.