Demo by Shnobel about this interesting Fuzz called NG-3 by Pete Cornish, a British manufacturer that makes no frill pedals with a solid reputation.

Here are some details about the pedal directly from the manufacturer:

“In the range of generally available fuzz boxes covering a scale from 1 through 10, this one goes to 15 ! Specifically designed to simulate “Imminent Amp Death” this custom built unit features several separate stages so that the user may tune it to his or her own degree of ‘I.A.D.’.

The first stage is a Linear DRIVE with up to +26dB of gain feeding the second stage; a stabilized discrete preamp which overloads smoothly when overdriven. The third stage is where the NG-3™ magic takes place; it simulates a tube amp that has been over or under biased or has suffered serious tube or output transformer failure (The sound just before the fuse blows). The SUSTAIN control adjusts the signal level into the third section and can be adjusted from ‘Tired Output Tubes’ to ‘Melted Tubes and Shorted Output Transformer’.” More info here.

About the video below: Signal Chain, Fender Telecaster, Pete Cornish NG-3 then TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Delay into a 1974 Marshall JMP 100w Super Lead