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DeMF EOG 250vi Ever is creating effects unlike most we’ve ever seen. Based out of Portland this one-woman show is breaking new ground with every product she produces. The Eye of God , a feedback loop equipped with a light sensing photo eye, is no exception. Although it produces no sound of its own the EOG can turn your existing stomp boxes into a brand new, tone-creating palette. Quality parts including true bypass switching make this device feel well made, despite being smaller than a standard “Boss style” effect.

Unlike normal effects with only input and output jacks, the EOG features send and return jacks as well. Using a standard guitar cable connect the send to the input of the desired effect(s) and another from the output to the return. Stepping on the EOG’s stomp switch activates the loop. A knob label Control alters the intensity of the feedback. The results are reliant on what ever pedals you connect. Drive effects such as distortion and fuzz often emit a tunable feedback. Delay and reverb effects cascade on themselves creating pulsing waves of noise. When things get loud the Volume knob controls the master level . Toggling the switch on the side of the unit activated the photo eye. This senses the amount of light and adjusts the intensity of the effect as well, giving the operator hands free control over the chaos. The EOG reacts differently with each pedal and also changes the function on the controls of the pedals in its loop. Sadly while the EOG is deactivated so are the pedals in its grasp so you won’t be able to use them normally. In the end experimentation is key. Looking to breathe new life into your old, stale effects? The Eye Of God could be it. – Arthur Fleischmann