The Barker Assmaster from Malekko Heavy Industry is a hand built clone of the Maestro Bass Brassmaster harmonic octave fuzz. This updated version supplies the same classic fuzz tones as the original in a modern, rugged and reliable package. Although aimed at bassists, this pedal performs equally well on guitars and even synthesizers. The three knobs control the effect level, the attack of the fuzz (Ass Volume and Sensitivity, respectively) as well as the level of the original, dry signal (Bass Volume). In addition, there are two toggle switches affectionately dubbed Ass and Harm. These controls act in conjunction with one another allowing the user to thin out the fuzz or unleash it on unsuspecting eardrums. True bypass switching keeps your sound clean and unaffected when you decide to take a break.In practice, the Assmaster becomes fiendishly easy to cop bass sounds that could please any fuzz freak. Rolling back on the Sensitivity knob keeps the Assmaster on its best behavior, yielding controlled fuzz perfect for that vintage vibe. Roll it clockwise and things can get crazy fast. Industrial and metal fans rejoice – this pedal delivers! No matter how freaky your fuzz, the clean blend allows bassists to keep one foot in the pocket or boost the clean volume to drive the front of your amp or other effects as well. Additionally I would like to say that using the Assmaster in conjunction with a cranked SVT rig sits somewhere on the border of sublime and downright dysfunctional.With its bright pink and brown sparkle appointments the Assmaster may raise some eyebrows but this pedal is dangerously fun and addictive, not to mention very well made. If you are looking for a bit of fuzz this is one to check out. – Arthur Fleischmann