More new pedals released in timely NAMM fashion! Mini-pedal manufacturer Outlaw FX just unveiled four new designs, here’s a description of what they do:

Cactus Juice Overdrive: Two distinct modes offer a wide array of classic, screamer-inspired crunch: Normal Mode gives you that traditionally warm and creamy breakup, while Juiced Mode ups the gain dosage to extra strength, and lets you tear through even the densest of mixes. Level, Gain and Tone knobs give you complete control over your sound. – USA Street Price: $49.00

Wrangler Compressor: This compression cowboy herds in extremes to smooth out your tone while maintaining its character. With the Sensitivity control, you can dial in subtle, transparent compression, or opt for a more pronounced effect with prolonged sustain. The Tone control gives you the option of adding some color to your sound, while the Normal/Hi Cut toggle switch lets you reduce unwanted brightness with a flick of a switch. – USA Street Price: $49.00

Eldorado Echo: Eldorado features three echo effect variations: Normal Mode provides crisp, clean repeats; Dark Mode removes some of the highs from the repeats and adds some grit; and Reverse Mode inverts your delays for trippy, mind-expanding sounds. Additionally, a Saved Mode feature allows you to call up a favorite setting with a quick double-tap of the footswitch, regardless of how the controls are set.  – USA Street Price: $69.00

The Wye ABY Box: This versatile, 2-way signal routing tool allows you to instantly switch between two inputs or two outputs, or to use two inputs or two outputs simultaneously. For example, you can easily alternate between two different amps or amp channels, or quickly switch between two guitars going into one amp.  – USA Street Price: $49.00