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Oct 13, 2017

Old Blood Noise Procession Reverb

We were recently introduced to Eric Merrow‘s videos of stompboxes by Ryan at Fuzzrocious Pedals and, as soon as we watched them, we immediately decided to include them in our video aggregator. Find streaming below his video of the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession Reverb.

More about the pedal directly from the manufacturer’s website

Its what we would use to create a science fiction soundtrack.  A strange mix of haunting reverb and three modulation settings, the Procession aims at inspiring something new, something fringe and something risky.

The Procession’s simple controls run the gamut of reverb soundscapes ranging from simple reverb to complex Sci-Fi filtery echo weirdness.  The Mix and Reverb knobs control the mix of dry/wet signal and the decay of the reverb, respectively.  The Speed and Depth knobs correspond with the selected modulation mode: Flange, Filter or Tremolo.

The Procession has two footswitches.  The Bypass switch is your standard on/off True Bypass switch.  The Hold switch is a momentary footswitch that when pressed, will lock in whatever note is being played through the reverb effect.  This will sustain as long as the Hold switch is pressed.  If the Mixcontrol is set less than 100% wet, you can continue to play over the sustaining reverb signal. – More info here.

Gear used:
Guitar – Collings SoCo LC –
Bass – Fender Standard Jazz Bass
Amp – Boss Katana 100 (Rec out into interface)
Mic: Oktava Mk 012 (voice)
Interface – Presonus Audiobox 22vsl
Software – Garageband | Adobe Premiere Pro CC | Adobe After Effects CC