Old Blood Noise RÊVER

Emerging dream-pop Brooklyn based band Datachoir has recently unveiled a collaborative pedal called RÊVER, a reverse delay + reverb circuit built by the folks at Old Blood Noise Endevors.

The collaboration springs from a long time friendship born in Oklahoma, home to both entities, and the resulting stompbox is as dreamy and ambienty as you may have expected.

The RÊVER hosts two “signal blocks” whose order can be changed using the toggle switch.

  1. Block 1 is a circuit that allows for a momentary reverse of the signal
  2. Block 2 consists in a modulated reverb that is fed into a delay

With the reverse at the start and reverb and delay after, the sound tends to feel washier and the reverse is smoother. Switch the reverse to the end of the reverb and delay signal and you have a more pronounced and glitch-like reverse effect.

Here are the videoz!