Old Blood Noise BL-82

The Old Blood Noise BL-82 Chorus is a take on everyone’s favorite modulation circuit by an American boutique company that has emerged as a mainstay in the pedal realm through the release of creative stompboxes with a quirky angle ambient/textural leanings.

The love for quirkiness can be seen first-hand on the BL-82, which sports a diagonal fader just like the one found in the builder’s previous release, the BL-44 reverse pedal.

That control, named Clock, is rarely found in choruses (although increasingly so, see the recent Beetronics Seabee Harmochorus), and it varies the effect’s slight delay that’s at the heart of the modulated sound, producing a variety of subtly or not-so-subtly different effects, ranging from shimmering chorus to wild modulated delay, affecting at once the effect’s depth and speed, but also the quality of the delay, that tends to degrade at longer settings.

The three knobs on the pedal control Feedback, which sets the chorus’ intensity or the amount of delay repeats at high Clock settings, Mix, which allows to fine-tune the amount of dry and wet signal, and Volume.

Old Blood Noise BL-82 Chorus

Teasing apart the definition of a chorus pedal, Old Blood Noise Endeavors have created an ode to delay time, a device with a variable clock control to shift between a recognizable shimmering chorus and chaotic modulated delay. Two delay lines modulated by opposite synchronized LFOs are combined in parallel, and the timing of the delay lines as well as the speed and depth of the LFOs are all determined by one tactile slider. The rest of the control set rounded out with feedback, volume, and mix add to an immediate experience that breaks open the boundaries of what it means to be a chorus.


  • Clock slider to change the effect from fast and fidelitous to slow and degraded
  • Feedback knob to enhance the intensity of the chorus/increase the amount of delay repeats
  • Soft touch footswitch to engage or bypass the effect
  • Mix control to set dry/wet mix
  • Volume control to set overall volume
  • 9V DC power
  • Original painting featured on the surface of the BL-44 and BL-82 by Brandy M. Patterson of Manchester, New Hampshire.