NUX Steel Singer D

The most affordable Dumble-style pedal out there (street price is just under $50!), the NUX Steel Singer is an analog overdrive that recreates the tone of less popular of the two Dumble amps (the Steel String Singer) at a tiny fraction of the cost. Expect smooth high end and the sweet mid-range typical of tube amps.

We added it to our article about the Best Dumble-Style Pedals.

The NUX STEEL SINGER DRIVE pedal from their Reissue Series is an overdrive pedal with the tonal character of famous boutique tube amps that came out of California beginning in the 1970s. It has very smooth high end and sweet mid-range. Whether used as main overdrive or in conjunction with a guitar amp, the NUX STEEL SINGER DRIVE pedal is going to make your guitar sing!

NUX Steel Singer Drive Pedal Features

  • Pure Analog Circuit
  • Warm and Natural Tube Overdrive Tone
  • True-bypass Hardware Switching