Milkman The Amp Stereo

The Milkman The Amp Stereo is quite simply the stereo version of the very popular and extremely well-received The Amp series, two top-notch mono power amps in pedal form.

The Amp Stereo responds to a growing trend among guitarists for both stereo and dual-channel setups, since it can be configured to work both ways by hitting the Sum footswitch, which converts the circuit into a mono device with two gain stages. Needless to say, the stereo setup can also be used to amplify two separate channels of audio (dual mono).

Each channel has controls for Volume, Treble and Bass, while a Phase toggle flips the phase on one of the channel to fix potential frequency canceling issues.

This guitar amp will adapt to any cabinet you have, automatically feeding the preferred wattage for the cabinet’s impedance. When using two cabinets with different impedance values, they’ll be getting power according to this table:

  • 50W 16ohm Output x2
  • 100W 8ohm Output x2
  • 200W 4ohm Output x2

Here are the presentation videos.

Milkman The Amp Stereo, Builder’s Notes

The Amp Stereo is the newest release in Milkman Sound’s series of amplifiers in a pedal format. Following on the heels of The Amp and The Amp 100 we have a newly designed fully stereo amplifier design with many extra features that will surely make this amplifier an essential part of any musician’s toolkit.

There is now an elegant, analog, easy to use end of the chain solution for players using stereo effects featuring our cab sim sweetener, a stereo headphone amplifier and two powerful channels of amplification. On top of the stereo functionality, The Amp Stereo can be run as two independent amplifiers each powering separate channels of audio.

Use the built in footswitches to sum to mono and fix phase issues potentially created by wet/dry guitar setups or cabinets with reverse polarity. The two outputs can run into separate cabinets varying in impedance and wattage – for example a 4ohm bass cabinet can be powered by one side and 8ohm guitar cabinet by the other. The Amp Stereo has been designed to maximize headroom and serve as a foundation for all manner of instruments and effects.

Like all Milkman products, The Amp Stereo is built by hand in California with the finest components available.



  • 50W 16ohm Output x2
  • 100W 8ohm Output x2
  • 200W 4ohm Output x2


  • SUM converts the 2 independent channels to mono (both outputs)
  • PHASE flips phase on the right channel (useful for wet/dry)

8-1/2″ W x 3″ H x 6-1/2″ D 2.5lbs