Vertex Steel String Supreme

D-Style overdrives – i.e. pedals recreating the tone of the legendary Dumble amps – are becoming so looked after that their buzz is currently getting very close to Klon Centaur levels.

While several pedal builders focused their cloning “laser” on the most famous Dumble amp – the Overdrive Special – Vertex Effects was one of the few manufacturers who also paid attention to a lesser-known amp in the Dumble family, the Steel String Singer, a clean, single-channel amp known for producing subtle feedback, something that’s unusual for clean amps. The company’s first Steel String pedal, released in 2017, was voiced after serial #1 of the original amp and was a simple three-knob device; it was updated in early 2020 to a MkII that added a two-voice toggle (Jazz and Rock), a feature found on the Special Overdrive series.

The series has obviously been doing well, which is why Vertex is now releasing a “Supreme” version of it that cleverly integrates the MkII circuit and sound with several new features, found on the top section of the pedal:

  • The Fat knob adds active EQ to make the sound rounder and bassier.
  • The Output knob opens up a more flexible gain structure, making it capable to go from clean boost to full-on overdrive
  • The Bright/Deep switch (on top of the Rock/Jazz added with MkII) supplies additional tone-shaping potential
  • The Clean knob allows the player to decide how much of the five new controls should be blended with tone produced by the three knobs found in the original version of the pedal (Gain, Filter and Level)
  • A new EQ Footswitch turns off the “Supreme” section of the pedal (the five top controls)

All in all, the Vertex Steel String Supreme is a very interesting new pedal and an original take on the D-Style stompbox clone, which is why we added it to our article about the Best Dumble Pedals.

  • Based on model #001 of an original run of legendary Dumble Steel String Singer
  • A true amp in a box — sounds great even direct into a cab simulator/IR loader
  • Inspiring touch sensitivity, warmth, and sparkle
  • Versatile Gain and Level controls make this a capable clean boost or full-on overdrive
  • Active EQ, Bright/Deep switch, and Rock/Jazz switch supply plenty of tone-shaping potential
  • Rugged steel housing
  • Authentic D-style labels & aesthetics
  • True bypass on/off switching of both Steel String & Supreme channels
  • Designed & Assembled in Los Angeles, California