VS Audio Platinum

Presented at the NAMM 2023 show, the VS Audio Platinum Preamp and Overdrive uses hand-selected discrete JFETs to create a unique blend of Plexi and Marshall-style tones. Based on the coveted Marshall 1987 Silver Jubilee amp, this circuit provides a similar high gain, dark, and smooth output.

The controls are Input Gain, Output Master, EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble), and a Presence switch, which offers the option to either attenuate negative feedback or boost high-end frequencies, while the Channel footswitch gives players the choice between a rhythm choice delivering wide, clean tones and a lead channel offering a thicker and richer sound.

This replication of the classic and beloved amp puts all the tonal control in the hands of the player.

The pedal is now shipping, check out the videos!

VS Audio Platinum, Builder’s Notes

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