MG 300 hqw1The new MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor from NUX is one of the most affordable devices in the amp emulation category, and yet it packs a lot of goods in its relatively small enclosure. It uses a TSAC-HD (True Simulation of Analog Circuit) algorithm for its amp modeling and built-in effects including analog overdrive and distortion, as well as chorus, flanger, phaser, vibe, rotary, vibrato, delay, and reverb.

We added the MG-300 to our in-depth article about the best amp and cab simulator pedals.

What is the most important component in an Amp Modeler?

In 2010 NUX introduced TSAC (True Simulation fo Analog Circuit) with the sole intention of bringing Amp Modeling to a whole new level. The DSP industry has been evolving at breakneck speed, and keeping up can be a challenge. We were impressed that a product like the Fractal® AX-FX had the foresight to use a high-definition TSAC (white-box) algorithm to do its Amp Modeling. So we took note and started development on an affordable modeler with TSAC-HD.

The concept of “Chaos makes the muse” perfectly applies to the analogue circuit. When you tweak the knob, it affects itself as well as other parameters. For a linear digital system, the parameter is independent. The white-box algorithm offers real negative-feedback, increment-by-increment. NUX TSAC-HD replicates the same playability most guitarists prefer in a real tube amplifier.

Building a sky-high priced product is easy. The art of building an affordable product is a real challenge. We priced the MG-300, with a straightforward high-performance algorithm to not only fit this specific DSP platform, but dominate the multi-efx platform in general.