Catalinbread Bitters

Based on a 2004 tabletop effect that wanted to be disruptive and ended up being discontinued (the Alesis Bitrman), the Catalinbread Bitters is a multi-FX pedal that will intrigue musicians with a taste for deranged sonics.

Reimagined and improved, the Bitters works well with all instruments, delivering a range of bizarre effects produced by the combination of:

  • Two fixed effects: Distortion and Phaser (controlled by the Dual knob).
  • An extra user-selectable effect, selectable via a rotary knob: Decimator, Bitcrusher, Frequency Modulation, and Ring Modulation. The key parameter of these effects is controlled by the Bitters knob.

Interestingly, the rotary knob gives you the option to run the selectable effects last or first in chain – for a variety of insane tones.

The Portland company added a much needed Mix knob to the circuit, that allows to create more subtle and musical tones than the rather drastic original.

Check out the vids of it!