Guitarists who are looking for a modulation effect that’s both super flexible and super tiny should take a hard look at Valeton EffectsCoral Mod, a mini stompbox that packs a surprising amount of options. At the heart of this pedal is a digital design that allows for 16 different modulation types!

This baby really gets all your modulation needs covered: the glassy clean chorus of the Roland JC-120 is available, as well as many different kinds of flanger, optical and bias tremolo, multiple kinds of phasers, vibe sounds, and even echo. Control scheme for the 16 effects is very simple, with ‘Mix’ (wet/dry blend), ‘Rate’ and ‘Depth’ knobs.

The Coral Mod is a true bypass pedal housed in a rock solid aluminum enclosure. For players looking for other effects marrying flexibility with small footprint, Valeton also offers similar reverb and echo stompboxes with the Verb and the Echo, both from the same Choral series. – Stoner