JangleBox‘s owner and designer Steve Lasko created the Janglebox Compressor with a clear goal in mind: to reproduce the bright ringing chime and sustain that was popularized by the Beatles. Guitarists took notice, bought many units, and a pedal company was born.

A classic sounding, no-nonsense compressor/sustainer, this stompbox offers the beloved glassy sound that many guitarists crave, delivering a remarkably transparent compression compared to some of the other pedals on the market.

Designed to be guitar-specific (as opposed to studio units), the Janglebox can really enhance a guitar’s tone without compromising it, making it easy to dial in a tone that compliments your specific rig. ‘Attack’ and ‘Gain’ knobs set you up, and there is a toggle switch to choose between 3 tones of compression (Normal, Bright, and Dark).

The Virginia based company really stepped up their manufacturing standards as well, moving assembly back to the United States and slightly altering some of the ergonomics of the enclosure. While this stompbox is capable of achieving the hard ‘squish’ that other guitar compressors are known for, it excels at compression so subtle you don’t miss it until you turn it off. – Stoner

P.S. Check out the board JangleBox displayed at our latest Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit here.