Jan14 LNU Sonuus Voluum WEB11

In the midst of the constant battle for precious pedalboard space and control over more and more parameters, Sonuus releases their new multi-function Voluum pedal.

In its most basic function it acts as an extremely reliable and customizable  volume pedal – something you could easily grasp from it’s name. What you may not realize is everything that comes along with that: this pedal will give you super smooth pedal control also over its built in, quality Gate, Compressor, LFO (tremolo), and Limiter effects – all through analog circuits.

The patent-pending pedal sensing technology ensures flawless operation. By avoiding the use of potentiometers and optical sensors Sonuus promises that the controls will never get “scratchy” or wear out.

The Voluum is littered with connectivity options. With USB and midi ports application of this pedal in the studio, on stage, and in the practice room become almost limitless. The USB connection makes it easy to upgrade the internal software of the Voluum , and for its innovative features this piece of sonic machinery might be well worth your while. – Grayson Fiske