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We continue our look at interesting if not bizarre pedals that try to push the limits of what a stompbox can do. The next one on the list is the Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl, an analog pedal that promises to fulfill all your vibrato and chorus desires.

For starters the sheer number of controls on this pedal merit a mention: 6 knobs, 4 mini-toggles, 2 footswitches (one for tap tempo) and an astounding 16 dip switches – all in a regular size case! Once you start dialing in tones you can achieve everything from subtle chorus to rhythmically complex vibrato, where all matters of pitch, attack, decay and depth can be twisted and deformed.  

Novels could be written about what a box like this can do – it’s probably easier to check out the 13 minutes video below to get an idea.

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