Rainger FX Deep Space Pulsar

Here at Delicious Audio we always appreciate pedal designers who think outside the box, and London’s Rainger FX  surely excels at that kind of thinking, offering pedals that will inspire guitarists equipped with an experimental mind.

The manufacturer’s latest product is called Deep Space Pulsar – it’s so new there’s no video demo for it yet, but managed to embed an audio sample below.

The pedal basically recreates an effect often used in recording and called “ducking,” consisting in side-chaining the guitar sound (but more often the bass) with the drums or just one drum, so that when that drum is playing, the volume of the guitar dips momentarily. This creates pumping/throbbing sounds synchronized to the drums or any percussion, through a mic/CV in (a tap tempo function can also be used instead of the live input).

Here are some of the pedal’s other functions:

• Invert’ button inverts the ducking action
• ‘Pad’ button changes sensitivity to live drums
• Comes with igor (for tap tempo) and kick drum mic