Here’s an excerpt from the excellent Gearphoria feature on Red Panda Lab, by Blake Wright:

Curt Malouin has an expansive vision and concept of sound, and Red Panda is his laboratory: “Most of our manufacturing is done at factories because we use surface-mount for reliability and because all of our stuff is based on digital signal processors (DSP),” says Malouin. “Our enclosures are drilled on a CNC machine and powder-coated in Ontario. All of our manufacturing is done in the US, then we do through-hole soldering of the controls, jacks… that kind of stuff here. We do final assembly, testing and then we ship them out to our dealers and distributors. We have a lot of flexibility in that we can shift work between here and the factory really easily based on our availability. We use a couple of factories for circuit board manufacturing and have a couple of suppliers for the enclosures, but we mainly have most of our stuff done locally, and over time have settled on a main factory for each product then a back-up in case they’re busy or if there are any surprises. Part of that is designing within their limitations.”

Read the full feature here.

Check out also this video about the new prototype for the Tensor Red Panda unveiled at the NAMM 2017 show, it should ship before the summer.