Mooer 2

The Mooer R7 was announced a few months after the D7 delay and the A7 Ambient reverb and belongs to the same New Micro Series‘ format that – remarkably – gives the player 7 modes and 7 presets in one tiny enclosure, with five knobs to control it all (including pre-delay) and a trail on/off option.

Ranging from Spring and Plate to Church and Cave, the reverb modes are more traditional than the ones you’ll find in the Mooer A7, although the Mod mode can get pretty dreamy.

The Mooer R7 micro pedal is a fully-fledged reverb workstation. Featuring 7 different reverb sounds, the Mooer R7 caters for just about every ambient need – and it hardly takes up any space on your pedalboard!

From traditional Spring and Plate reverb sounds to fairly niche Church and Cave effects, the R7 also features a dreamy Mod reverb mode for the experimentalists. And with a host of controls letting you tweak your favourite ambient flavours, you can also save and store your carefully-crafted sounds. Overall, the Mooer R7 is an extremely versatile reverb stompbox, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either!