Welcome to our guide to the best guitar pedals of 2023, an article that only covers stompboxes released in that calendar year based on the “best of” list of the most established YouTube channels covering guitar pedals. This is a yearly article you can find ones from previous years here.

The Best Guitar Pedals Of 2023

This article will be updated regularly between now and January every time a new “best of” video will be published.

The last update was on January, 11th, 2024. Right now it gathers the pedals highlighted by these influencers and websites (in alphabetical order):

* The videos with this symbol feature a couple of pedals that were released previous to 2023 – we excluded them from this article.

Each stompbox in the interactive galleries below links to a YouTube video review, while descriptions are embedded in the images at mouseover or first tap.

All the pedals in this list were mentioned once in the aggregated videos, with the exception of the Benson Delay, the EartQuaker Aurelius and the Collision Devices Tars.

Best Gain Guitar Pedals of 2023

Best Fuzz Guitar Pedals of 2023

Best Amp/Cab Sim Pedals of 2023

Best Delay Pedals of 2023

Best Reverb Pedals of 2023

Best Modulation Pedals of 2023

Best Multi-FX/Creative Pedals of 2023

Best Lo-Fi Pedals of 2023

Best Other Non-Gain Pedals of 2023