Fuzzrocious Typhon V2

The Typhon is a limited edition FOUR gain stage “anything gain” kind of device fruit of a collaboration between PA’s Fuzzrocious Pedals and Blake Wyland of The Tone Mob. The first version came out in 2018

The four knobs on the top control separate gains, and depending on how you set them you can get anything from clean gain to fuzz out of it. A Tone knob lets you fine-tune the EQ while a Blend control allows you to reintroduce some of the clean signal.

The brand new V2 has even more gain and a more linear response (whereas v1 was slightly scooped).

Here’s the video of the Fuzzrocious Typhon V2, directly from The Tone Mob and the manufacturer.

Many people have been asking if this beast of a pedal would return, so myself and the Fuzzrocious Family put our noggins together and came up with a worthy successor to the originals.

We have made 23 total on this batch and we do not expect them to stay in stock very long.

If you aren’t familiar with the OG Typhon, let me fill you in. The Typhon is a clean boost, a preamp, an overdrive, a fuzz, a distortion……. Yes it is all of those things. It all depends on how you set the cascading gain stages and the clean blend. It can sooth your ears, or rip them off. It is entirely up to you.

What is different? I’m glad you asked!

Firstly, it has MORE GAIN. Thats right. The beast is even beastlier. Ryan also flattened out the tone stack in this version. So instead of having a scoop at noon, it is has a very flat eq. Shannon also made brand new art for this version to top it all off. It really turned out special.