The limit of many fuzz pedals is their “one-trick-poniness.” The Defector, a stompbox by Richland, WA based boutique manufacturer Foxpedal, doesn’t share that characteristic, featuring ways of tailoring both the fuzz sound and the EQ to fit into any rig or playing style.

The standard 3 knob control scheme of ‘Level’, ‘Tone’, and ‘Fuzz’ is there, but it’s the other controls that make the Defector special. The ‘Pre’ control serves as a clean boost and can push the fuzz section into total saturation. The boost has its own switch and can be used as a standalone, but it works much better driving a fuzz tone. The ‘Mid’ controls the contour of the EQ curve, directly affecting the ‘Tone’ control.

A toggle switch allows for different clipping options, from the openness of LEDs to the more familiar sound of transistors. A totally gnarly fuzz sound can be had by taking away the clipping all together, and the Feedback mode unleashes all kinds of hell. An internal trim pot lets you adjust the signal saturation, unleashing even more fuzz fury.

A higher price point ($199) is offset by offering great sounds and outstanding build quality. – Stoner