Folktek Alter X

Portland Eurorack builder Folktek just announced their entry into the stompbox niche with two pedal versions of their existing Eurorack modules.

The Alter X is the Eurorack Alter 1 in pedal format and, as you can see, retains CV compatibility through a series of 1/8 inch connections. It’s an experimental Multi-FX pedal with the following modes:

  1. long delay
  2. tight, notated granular delay
  3. huge plate reverb
  4. shimmering reverb
  5. distortion and multi-filter
  6. pitch delay
  7. stutter glitch

Here’s how the controls work, directly from the builder’s website:

– controls for mix, X, Y and filter as well as clock.

– all effects have a variation of a filter which may change effect to effect.

– X and Y control various rates, feedback and time over the different effects (note that some of the images shows a prototype whcih says “rate” under two of the pots. The faceplate has been changed to “X” and “Y”).

– clock control adjusts the bitrate which controls the DSP which can drastically change the effect. In doing so it does slightly lower the quality of the output signal but the results are fantastic. This clock is not for synchronization.

– mix, X, Y and filter all have CV control inputs.

– Each control level or cv input is visualized on the control panel.

– buffered relay-based bypass over 1/4″ ins and out.

There’s no video of the pedal version of this effect, but here’s one of its Eurorack brother.