Ohio’s Earthquaker Devices has emerged in the last few years as one of the companies truly pushing the boundaries of the stompbox. They continue to come up with fresh ideas and innovations in the community of guitar FX manufacturers, and even though they normally don’t disdain depth of features, one of their latest offerings is disarmingly simple but incredibly solid – the Tentacle octave pedal.

The Tentacle is an analog, set octave-up effect, meaning it has no controls, only a preset sound. This might be a one trick pony, but that one trick is executed flawlessly. The circuit is the same you’ll find in one of the company’s best selling fuzzes, the Hoof Reaper.

It’s a unit that plays nice with other pedals too, and combining with other octave pedals can lead to some truly out-of-this-world sounds. Pair it with a certain type of fuzz and you can practically nail Jimi Hendrix tones.

Don’t let the lack of controls turn you off. This is a great, well-designed octave effect from a company with that’s producing top notch designs. – Brandon Stoner