The 5150 amplifier, originally designed by Peavey, is well-known in the guitar and audio worlds as one of the best-sounding amps around, capable of delivering a very wide range of tones. MXR/Dunlop and guitar god Eddie Van Halen have had a successful partnership for years, and their latest signature pedal idea is here: yes, the searing 5150 sound is now available in a stompbox, thanks to the MXR EVH 5150 overdrive!

Control scheme is simple, input gain and output volume are complimented by a 3-band passive EQ section. There is an optional boost as well for even more sonic destruction. Also present is a bult-in gate circuit, another of MXR’s products called the Smart Gate.

If you’ve been looking to add a heavier-gain pedal to your board, or would just like to shape the front end of your chain to jam on some ‘Eruption’, the 5150 overdrive is worth a shot. – Brandon Stoner