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In the eternal search for the ideal distorted guitar tone, Groveland, MA based Amzel Electronics definitely belongs to the group of manufacturers who choose to try new paths rather than limit themselves to recreating vintage circuitry.

The small upstart has just unveiled its debut, 100% analogue distortion  pedal called Cheshire Cat Tone Evaporator. This blue box features an original take on distortion, which fundamentally consists in 3 interacting effects: a distortion, a filter (Res and Freq knobs) and a simple dynamic section (Accent knob).

The “Injector” knob has the function to change the way the three circuits interact with each other: at zero it disables filters and dynamics, while at higher values it increases the distortion and activates the Res(onance), Freq(uency) and Accent controls.

We won’t tell you what the Distort and Volume knob do! Check out founder Bill Price’s demo of the pedal below.