Idiotbox Heavy Weapon

Those among you interested in heavy distortion pedals should take a look a the Idiotbox Heavy Weapon, a dual distortion/overdrive pedal described by the builder as “probably the HEAVIEST effect of all time.”

It consists of two existing Idiotbox circuits in one: the bop row of controls is the company’s Blower Box Distortion, while the bottom row controls the circuit of the Dungeon Master.

Idiotbox Heavy Weapon, Builder’s Notes

The Heavy Weapon is my two heaviest pedals in one enlcosure! Top row of controls is the classic Blower Box – Low, High, Distortion and Volume. Bottom row is the Dungeon Master – Low, High, Drive and Volume. Each can be run separate or parallel mixed for what is proabably the HEAVIEST effect of all time!

4.72″ x 3.71″ x 1.49″ 1590BB2 sized enclosure, buffered bypass switching, common 9vdc center negative BOSS style power input. Current draw ?mA. Power supply not included.