Collision Devices Singularity

The Collision Devices Singularity is the fuzz circuit found in the French company’s popular Black Hole Symmetry pedal, released as a standalone effect after popular demand.

Compatible with both line and instrument levels, the pedal consists of just one knob for Volume and a 3-way filter toggle switch, that delivers low pass at three different frequencies 1.5 kHz, 3.3 kHz and 16 kHz.

There’s nothing more to it but the way it sounds!

Collision Devices Singularity, Builder’s Notes

One Knob Fuzz.
No more to say.

SINGULARITY is your new destruction device.
Please put it after every instrument you find.
We call it a one knob fuzz. In fact it’s a one knob-one toggle switch-fuzz.
Yep the toggle switch really impacts the sound as you choose between 3 low pass filter cut frequencies.

The only knob controls the master fuzz volume.