Flower Pedals Lupine

Dual channel and stereo stompboxes seem to be slowing taking over the pedalsphere, and the Flower Pedals Lupine, consisting of two fuzz with separate footswitches and in/outs, is a device that can do both.

The Purple channel (on the right), is a an updated version of the company’s Lupine Analog Octave Up pedal, based on classic octave-up fuzzes like the Octavia or the Superfuzz. The three knobs control Gain (controlling the level of the octave circuit), Ring (which is sets the blend between the clean signal and the octave up) and Level. This fuzz produces a more trebly and cutting tone.

The Cream channel (on the left) is a JFET based fuzz with very interactive Input, Output and Bias controls, the latter controlling the voltage fed to the fuzz circuit, producing tones from full-on to velcroy and sputtery. This fuzz is more full-bodied and heavy.

The two fuzzes integrate each other very well when used together but can be routed through different effects through their separate in/out.