Newcomers to the pedal game Friday Club, out of Portland Oregon, have designed a solid line of 3 knob stompboxes.

The line features almost exclusively distortions, fuzzes and overdrives: there one for all palates, including metal-heads (PD-100) and a screamer emulation (Green Menace).

The only exception is their signature echo pedal, known as the ED-450b, and it’s based on the PT2399 chip. It offers the warmth of analog delay without the cascading darkness that comes with each additional repeat. Analog delays generally don’t have long delay times and the ED-450b maxes out at 450mS, which is a bit longer than many other similar pedals available.

Perfect for David Gilmour-esque dotted eighth note rhythms and Beatles-like echo, this delay sits really well for single note lines and rhythmic passages. While not your top choice on singing lead sounds, that’s not what the ED-450b is about. It’s a no-frills analog echo that’s fairly bright, so it won’t get lost in the mix.

There’s something here for just about every type of guitarist, as this delay provides a vintage sound that is very applicable in modern settings.

Check out below a demo video of the Fuzzwami, described by the manufacturer as “probably the LOUDEST fuzz pedal on the planet.” – do we need to say more? – Stoner