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DIY kits have been around for a while and they are an ideal product for those musicians who are flirting with the idea of a future in musical gear manufacturing.

Based in Des Moines, IA, Aion FX is a new player in this niche, providing not only kits of pedal original designs with pre-sourced parts, but also – for $10-12 each + shipping – “projects” of the same circuits that only include a PCB board and a list of components that need to be purchased separately.

The models are all variations on popular stompboxes from the Marshall Bluesbreaker to the Klon (just to mention a few, there’s a dozen of them). They come with meticulous building instructions featuring several pictures, and customers are invited to leave feedback about their experience on the site’s Build Reports page.

Lately, a series of videos of finished pedals appeared on YouTube, we are listing them below.