Shnobel Tone Mid Driver

YouTuber Roman from Shnobel started manufacturing guitar pedals in the early ’20s under the Shnobel Tone label. The Shnobel Tone Mid Driver, unveiled just before the NAMM 2022 show, is his take on the “mid-rich” overdrive a-la Tube-Screamer, although it’s not a clone.

The pedal’s circuit is a variant on the one employed in the previous release, the Daily Driver, but with more gain and a bump in the low-mids for added warmth and “hearability” during solos or prominent riffs.

Have a listen to it in this video.

Shnobel Tone Mid Driver, Builder’s Notes

The Mid driver gives you those thick mid centric lead tones that will make your guitar stand out in even the most dense mixes.

The Mid Driver shares the circuit with the Daily Driver has more gain and is voiced with mids and lower mids pushed forward to add weight to your guitar sound.