Shnobel Tone Daily Driver

Congrats are due to pedal YouTuber Shnobel for launching his first guitar pedal, the Daily Driver Overdrive, after five years of develoment.

Created in collaboration with Quimper Electronic Systems, the Daily Driver is an entirely original circuit created with the goal of being able to recreate all the greatest overdrive tones through the interaction of a few, classic controls.

The central toggle switch offers three different high-frequency cutoff settings to tailor it to different pickups and amps.

Here are the videos of the Shnobel Tone Daily Driver.

The DAILY DRIVER™ is one of the most versatile overdrives on the market, featuring low and high eq along with a three position high cut toggle switch that lets you dial in the creamiest overdrive sounds no matter what amp you are plugging into.

Utilizing an original circuit that give the DAILY DRIVER a rich sound full of harmonics and an amp like response.