Shnobel Tone Ratatouille Distortion

The second release by pedal YouTuber turned builder Shnobel (after the Daily Driver), the Ratatouille is an original circuit inspired by the ProCo RAT.

Like the original, this distortion pedal can deliver a variety of tones from low gain overdrive, to distorted, to borderline fuzz when cranked up. The Ratatouille’s Distortion knob adds an extra amount of gain for even more extreme settings.

An effort was made to make the circuit sound more “tube-like” and open, and to get it to clean well when at lower guitar volume settings.

The filter knob works just like the old RAT pedal (you get a darker sound as you turn the knob clockwise).

Check out the first video of the pedal by Shnobel himself. We added the Shnobel Tone Ratatouille to our article about the best RAT-style distortion pedals.

Shnobel Tone Ratatouille, Builder’s Notes

The Shobel Tone Ratatouille Distortion was inspired by the 80’s Pro Co RAT Distortion Pedal it features an original circuit that has an amp like distortion with lots of harmonics and touch sensitivity.

The filter knob works just like the old RAT pedal as you turn up the filter you get a darker sound.

The Ratatouille is a versatile distortion pedal that gives you a great crunch sound on lower distortion settings and at maximum gain it has a sound of a tube amp pushed to its absolute limits.