fender 1

At NAMM 2018, guitar giant Fender made a bold re-entry in the pedal market, releasing nine devices since then. Well, it sounds like it’s keeping up with new releases… According to GearNews.com:

American dealer CME has accidentally leaked a set of new Fender effects pedal releases due to be announced at NAMM 2019. The four new pedals carry on from where their effects line-up left off last year and introduces new Phaser, Chorus, Distortion and Bass Multi-effect pedals.

The four pedals (pictured) are a phaser, a chorus, a tube distortion, and a massive EQ+OD+Compressor unit called Downtown Express.

You can read the description of the pedals on the GearNews.com page, we added them to our pages (Gain & Non Gain) covering all the new pedals released at NAMM, here’s the video by Sweetwater: