Fender Pinwheel

For Fender, NAMM 2019 was the year of modulation pedals: they unveiled three of them, all sharing a few features with each other.

The Pinwheel is a stereo in/out, rotary speaker emulator that works seamlessly with guitars and keyboards thanks to a voicing switch on the back panel (see image below).

It features three different rotary modes (including one modeled after Fender’s own vintage Vibratone speaker), foot-switchable Slow and Fast speeds, and an onboard Overdrive for added texture.

The Sensitivity control allows modulation rate changes based on your playing dynamics.

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A look at the back pedal reveals a few surprises: besides the mentioned voicing switch, extra switches let you turn the leds and the dynamic effect on and off and use the expression output either with a footswitch or with an expression pedal.

Here’s the video of it featuring Fender’s Product Development guy Stan Cotey.

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