Lovers of affordable stompboxes have a new $79-99 line to choose from, manufactured by the best-known name in the electric guitar realm: Fender. The company is now shipping the Hammertone line of compact pedals, for now comprising of 9 streamlined effects covering all the basics (3 gain, 1 fuzz, 2 delays, and one each for reverb, flanger and chorus).

This is not the first time Fender tries to enter the affordable pedal market – we remember seeing these babies at one of our first Stompbox Exhibits, but the line didn’t seem to excite anyone. However, the company’s recent focus on quality, boutique-style effects yielded a much better response, including having a distortion pedal on top of our aggregate list of the best distortion pedals of all time.

Most pedals in this new Hammertone line feature multiple voices accessible through one or two toggle switches.

Here are two videos rounding up all 9 units.