Neunaber Immerse Reverberator MkII

Brian Neunaber of Neunaber Audio might be based in Orange, California, but the rigor he puts into his pedal designs betrays the mitteleuropean origins of his last name (for the unaware, Germans seem to have a special gene for engineering).

Over the past few years his company has built a strong reputation for their multi-mode digital effects, in particular for their lush reverb and delay pedals, receiving especially high marks for their shimmer reverbs.

This week Neunaber unveiled a new version of their flagship multi-mode stereo reverb, the Immerse MkII, which features new circuitry, and upgraded algorithms that were fully redesigned from the ground up “they are certainly the best I’ve created to date” – says Brian.

Notable advancements in the Mk II include:

  • New Mix control adjustable from 100% dry to 100% wet
  • Upgraded W3T reverb algorithm
  • All new Sustain effect added
  • Significant improvements to most other effects
  • New, easier-to-read graphic layout

As in the pedal’s previous incarnation, each mode can be tweaked through five knobs: Effect Selection, Mix, Depth, and two multi-function controls.  In addition, external Kill Dry and Trails switches and  stereo in/outs that can be used in mono or stereo contribute to make this stompbox also extremely flexible.

We added the Immerse MkII to our shopping guide about Multi-Mode Reverb pedals.

Here are the videos!

Neunaber Immerse Reverberator, Builder’s Notes

With 8 richer reverbs and a Mix knob that goes 100% wet, the Immerse Mk II is our best-sounding reverberator to date. Delivering the same no-nonsense flexibility as its predecessor, it’s more user-friendly than ever before.

Experience studio-quality tone in a pedal that can be used with instruments of all stripes. The Immerse Mk II is packed with eight versatile reverb effects, including the new W3T™ and Sustain effect.

  • W3T (Wet version 3) — exclusive to the Mk II, our new flagship reverb is smoother and more three-dimensional sounding than ever before. Now with adjustable pre-delay, it enhances what you play without covering it.
  • Plate – Bright and diffuse like a studio plate reverb.
  • Hall – The lush, open sound of a concert hall, now with adjustable modulation depth for achieving deep modulated tones.
  • Spring – The distinctive twerp of a tube-driven spring reverb. Now with adjustable modulation speed, it can achieve a vibrato-spring sound.
  • Sustain  – A new algorithm built on the W3T reverb. This magical, versatile effect can be configured as a sustainer or infinite reverb.
  • Echo – Combining the W3T reverb with stereo echo.
  • Detune – Adds a detuned double of the dry signal with reverb, now with true blend control between detune and detuned reverb.
  • Shimmer – Reminiscent of a synth pad that follows what your instrument plays, this effect combines the best qualities of our previous shimmers.