MXR Carbon Copy MINI

When it was released at the end of the aughts, the MXR Carbon Copy quickly became an industry standard within the Bucket Brigade-style analog delays, so its many fans will be thrilled to have the opportunity to get this classic delay on their board at a fraction of the footprint.

But notwithstanding its size, the Mini Carbon Copy actually offers more than the old one: a Bright switch on the side gets you a slightly more present tone. The Modulation switch on top of the pedal adds the usual syrupy chorus, and internal trim pots also allow you to control Depth and Rate.

Check out thedemos of the MXR Carbon Copy Mini below.

In just over a decade, the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay has become a rock ‘n’ roll staple. Its rich bucket-brigade warmth and elegant simplicity have endeared it to guitar players around the world—weekend warriors and recording pros alike. It’s the go-to standard for players who want a well-rounded, easy-to-use delay pedal that sounds incredible. Between the Carbon Copy Analog Delay and Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay, you can find a solution for almost any of your delay needs—but if you’re looking to free up some space on your own board, or downsize to a smaller one for travel gigs, then consider another demand met.

The Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay packs organic analog warmth and ease of use into an MXR mini housing with added sonic versatility so that you can make the most out of your pedalboard real estate. In its default mode, this pedal’s repeats yield the dark, mellow wash that made the Carbon Copy Analog Delay famous. For players who want more sparkle and clarity, we added a Bright switch that accentuates high end frequencies for increased presence and distinctively vocal repeats. And of course, the Carbon Copy Mini Delay is outfitted with the same modulation section as its forebear. Push the Mod switch and adjust the internal Speed and Depth controls to add everything from tape echo warble to shimmery, liquefied chorusing to your repeats. Finally, adjust the parameters of your delay signal with the Regen, Mix, and Delay controls.