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Mr. Black (aka Portland’s circuit designer Jack Deville) has gained a solid reputation for creating no frills great sounding stompboxes.

The company’s latest release is the Mini Vintage Chorus, a simple three-knob mini-pedal inspired by the early bucket brigade-based choruses like the Boss CE-1, still considered by many among the best sounding units. It can produce both regular chorus effects and also more a trembly pitch vibrato through its three knobs: Mix, Width and Rate.

Directly modeled after the original late 70’s “Ensemble” chorus that started it all, the Mini Vintage Chorus delivers old-school BBD-style chorusing and true pitch-vibrato in a super tiny package.

Three simple controls and daisy-chain friendly “industry standard” 9VDC power let you slip glistening, watery chorus¬†and¬†warbly pitch-vibrato into the tightest of pedal-boards!

Handmade and built to last by real live humans, right here in Portland, Oregon using only premium parts for superior tone and years of dependable service.