MusicBoxPedals Lyla Drive

The Lyla Drive by New Jersey’s MusicBoxPedals is a very tweakable, hand-wired, classic-sounding overdrive offering a wide range of tones, from clean boost all the way up to medium-gain overdrive. The circuit is loosely inspired by the universally-loved Timmy.

A three-way clipping toggles opens up a few voicing options, while the two Highs and Lows EQ knobs act exclusively as cut controls.

Check out the first videos of it.

Lyla Drive is a classic styled overdrive pedal that covers everything from a clean boost/preamp to low/medium gain overdrive.

Lyla is a very tweakable “transparent” overdrive with a 2 Band EQ & 3-way Clipping Toggle, great for a wide range of tone shaping.  The EQ controls are ‘cut’ controls enabling you to roll off desired frequencies. The Clipping Toggle has 3 options of clipping to work with any rig! To power the Lyla Drive you will need a power supply, and can run it at any voltage from 9volts-18volts!

Lyla Drive works fantastic as a Foundational Overdrive and sits well in any spot on your pedalboard, stacking excellently with other pedals.  Lyla maintains the dynamic/natural tones of your guitar and amp.  It is an extremely musical sounding pedal, a real tone enhancer for your setup! Every pedal is hand-wired, hand screen-printed and personally tested by me (Rob Farrell).