Morley 20/20 Power Wah

In the summer of 2019 Morley announced a new line of pedals called 20/20 including ten devices to be released over the following months and featuring updated version of the best of the company’s circuits. The new features include a new pedalboard friendly size, a new Buffer circuit (called 20/20) that protects, restores, and improves your tone, and Switchless activation (which lets you step on to engage and step off to bypass).

The first three releases under this line were three Wah pedals, and the 20/20 Power Wah seems to be the one that caught more attention. It delivers a traditional Wah tone with an added 20db Wah Boost control, but can also act as a Volume pedal. Street price is $139, check out the video below.

The Power Wah Volume is the ultimate space-saving combo pedal. You get the classic Morley Power Wah with it’s vintage tone, wide sweep and 20 db clean boost and a smooth audio volume taper. Pedalboards rejoice!

  • Switchable combination Optical Wah and Volume Pedal.
  • Boost knob allows up to 20 db of clean boost in Wah mode.
  • Smooth Audio Volume Taper.
  • New 20/20 Buffer circuit that prevents signal loss and maintains tone.
  • Silent switching to prevent pops and noise.
  • 6.85? x 4.5? x 2.5? (L x W x H)
  • Powered by one 9-volt battery or optional Morley 9V adapter. Compatible with most 9V adapters.
  • MQ2 custom Inductor, LED indication, cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door, glow-in-the-dark treadle grip/toe-end logo.
  • One-year warranty. Lifetime Warranty available with registration.