Mooer Groove Loop X2

The Mooer Groove Loop X2 is a drum machine + looper pedal that, just like the other pedals in the Chinese company’s “X2” series, doubles down on the features of its mini-sibling, providing stereo operation, two footswitches for separate Tap Tempo and loop navigation, 10-minute recording memory, 121 drum grooves within 11 different musical styles and 14 save slots.

The stereo configuration also allows the separation of the drum machine and the looped audio in the L and R channels.

Some features remain the same, like the handy Justify function that lets you easily sync drum machine and looper, the Time Stretch feature and the three recording modes: Count-in, automatic and normal.

A software editor allows to export and import audio files.

Check out the videos of the Mooer Groove Loop X2!

The Groove Loop X2 aims to serve as the ultimate looper and drum machine combo pedal whether in the practice room or on stage. The X2 looper features a whopping 14 save slots that can store loops of up to 10 minutes in length in each slot. Looper controls are familiar and flexible with the ability to toggle count-in mode on/off and an automatic mode that detects and begins the looper once an instrument signal is detected. Time Stretch functionality is also included to allow users to alter the speed of playback without affecting the original pitch.

On the drum machine, the Groove Loop packs in a huge variety of drum grooves separated by 11 different genres, each with 11 different variations that can be easily selected with the included GENRE and PATTERN knobs. Drum machine tempo can be set manually by Tap Tempo or when used in combination with the Looper, tempo will be automatically detected while playing.

The X2 edition of the Groove Loop also adds many requested features such as split stereo inputs and outputs. Looper and Drum machine can also be split to two different outputs for added flexibility. A justify function is included to make sure your drum groove and loop is perfectly in sync and free editor software cand be downloaded from and connected to the Groove Loop for easier editing of stored tracks.

1. Stereo loop pedal with 14 save slots

2. 10-minute capacity per track

3. 121 different drum grooves encompassing 11 unique musical styles

4. Justify function to easily sync drum machine and looper

5. TIME STRETCH function allows users to change the speed of playback without affecting the pitch

6. Audio playback and drum machine audio can be separated into two different outputs

7. Three different recording mode: Count-in mode. automatic mode and normal mode.

8. Supports editor software for exporting/importing audio files